Monday, June 4, 2012

Climbing in Siurana

I am falling in love with the countryside of Catalunya.  Little by little, hiking and, especially now, climbing are exposing me to its hidden gems.  This is Siurana, an area about two hours from Barcelona near Tarragona.  This gorge was like a mini grand Canyon with its colors and the vibrant light.  
I went climbing with an international gang I met through the Barcelona Hiking & Climbing group.  This is Jorge having a go on the crag called Grau dels Masets (Oest). I think this climb was called "Anau" ("anew" in Catalan).

Lili on "Why," probably wondering this same thing:
My belay station, Andoni, below:

After a day of climbing, we explored this village perched atop a hill:

We ate dinner at this refugio:
Full moon!

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