Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Up the Costa Brava to Pals

Last weekend, a group of teacher-friends and I, on a much-needed R & R getaway up the Costa Brava, stayed at our friends Cachi and Julia's family condo on the beach near the town of Pals.  

This was the view upon opening the blinds.  Not a bad sight for a Friday evening, considering just a few hours earlier we were in our classrooms teaching.  
The weather was stormy on Saturday and sunshine-filled on Sunday. So we enjoyed the best of both worlds... curling up on the couch to the sound of rough waves & rain one day AND walking in the sunshine exploring the rocky coast on the next.
On Saturday, we visited the medieval town of Pals for a little meandering through 14th century streets.
We caught the tail-end of a Saturday open market. It was a special one; we were told it was the annual Rice Competition.  I guess this region is famous for its rice.  But we bought olives.

Fields of mustard in the countryside below:

A Gothic church:

The Romanesque Torre de les Hores (Clock Tower):

We ended the day with dinner at home complete with a fire in the fireplace. You can't get much cozier than the sound of crashing waves and rain outside, while warm inside next to a crackling fire.

The ambiance outside was quite ominous and the scenario (six teacher-friends go away for the weekend to a beach house) seems a bit Stephen King-esque, wouldn't you say?   Luckily, when we did the headcount on the car ride home Sunday, we all were still there.

The next morning, Julie and I took a walk down the trail paralleling the coast.

We stopped in this little town for a drink:

Julie and I accidentally disturbed this hot date:

There were lots of oober rich villas perched right on the coastline.  We conjectured most were probably owned by our students who are always talking about their sailboats and yachts on the Costa Brava.

A yellow poppy?!
See the little dude carved on the log?
The Red Island. Everyone's favorite rock of the weekend.

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