Sunday, September 25, 2011

Climbing in Garraf

Today, I went climbing at the other local crag for Barcelonans: Garraf.  We took the train south following the coastline, and after thirty minutes, got out at this village.  It's quite small, without a supermarket even.  Then it's a short hike through Garraf Natural Park to the crag.  
You belay from atop the train tunnel, and whenever it goes by, you feel the earth shake beneath your feet.

The rock is limestone complete with tufa, very similar to the crags near the Mediterranean coast in Turkey. 

I've found a small circle of climbers that are foreigners to Barcelona as well, from other Spanish towns and South America.  I've started my dictionary of Spanish climbing terminology:

Take! = Pilla!
Slack! = Dame cuerda!
Climbing! = Voy!
Go! You can do it! = Venga!

Just in case you were wondering. 

Most importantly, today I got over my I-am-climbing-in-a-new-country-and-therefore-don't-know-how-to-do-it-and-am-afraid-to-lead-syndrome. It, of course, helped that the rock was just like the rock I've been climbing on in Turkey the last few years.  

 And the Mediterranean? Stunning as usual.


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